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  • Time savings on site due to rapid data collection. This is ideal for surveys which have a small window of opportunity.

  • Point clouds are highly accurate, fully measurable data sets. The coverage of the site from multiple scan positions reduces site revisits due to the amount of data captured during the initial scan survey.

  • Scanning can provide the ideal basis for BIM projects. This brings designs together in one place and can help to portray concepts more easily and aid with more efficient planning.

  • All the data at your fingertips as sites can be viewed and interrogated from your desk using a variety of software packages, reducing the need for time consuming site visits.

  • Due to the non-contact nature of scanning, hazardous environments such as railways, highways, quarries or fire damaged buildings can be surveyed with a greater degree of safety.

  • Scanning can provide unparalleled records and preservation of a site or structure providing highly detailed data for restoration, reconstruction or visualisation.

  • Clash detection can be carried out prior to manufacturing reducing both time spent on the project and costly on site alterations.

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