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3D Scanning

As our name would suggest our primary focus is 3D laser scanning. We cover a wide variety of projects and sectors ranging from sports stadiums to sewage works, listed buildings to brand new shopping centres and many more besides. Take a look at our projects page to see the kind of things we're scanning on a day to day basis.

3D Modelling

We offer various end products ranging from a registered point cloud up to a 3D model. We can tailor the model, its specifications and level of detail to your needs giving you the ideal basis for your project. Whatever software you use, we can provide our models in the format you need.

1 Main Hall 2.png

Measured Building Surveys

By scanning our building surveys inside and out we take the building back to our desk to slice through to produce our 2D plans and 3D models. Whilst we do focus on 3D scanning we have surveyors with years of experience in traditional building surveys, add one of our scanners into the equation and you get the best of both worlds.

Rights to Light Surveys

At 3D Scan Solutions we have years of experience in collecting the data required for the purpose of Rights to Light analysis. We can provide the point cloud data registered to Ordnance Survey coordinates along with comprehensive photography directly to your modelling team.

RoL Scan.png

2D Plans

If you need a job scanned to pick up every detail but don't have the software to create your elevations, floor plans or sections then we can do it for you. Alternatively you may have the capacity to process the point cloud and create your own plans but simply don't have the time, let us know, we'll be happy to help.

Topographical Surveys

Much like with our building surveys we also have surveyors whose background is in topographical surveying. Whether it's a scanning project that requires some traditional survey or a stand alone topographical project we can assist in providing the plans you need to ensure your job gets off on the right track.

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